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“Thank you so much for all your hard work with Harry. I feel he has really benefited from it. Your kindness, endless patience and tenacity is extraordinary. Thanks to your hard work he is a very different child now to the scared, angry, tearful one you met initially. He's now enjoying school, has friends, feels optimistic about the future and has strategies for when these seem less certain. He would not have any of this without you and we are so grateful.”

“Thank you so much for your help. Sarah continues to do well and we are hugely grateful to you”.

"We found the prospect of our son having Autism and ADHD, very frightening. We didn't understand how to help him and where we could access support for him.  But from our very first conversation with Dr Fisk, we felt we were in safe hands with her and Anna.


They listened carefully to our every question and translated confusing jargon to us.  Their kindness and patience was evident in every interaction with our son, so much so, he wants to spend more time with them! By the end of our time together,  they had helped us see the positives in neuro-divergence and renewed our hope in the possibilities open to our son.


We simply cannot recommend them highly enough".

“I have drawn on elements of your report and found it very insightful. More than anything though, your assurance that you hadn't seen anything indicative of a deeper psychological or behavioural disorder really put my mind at rest. That in itself was very helpful! Thank you for all your help, it is very much appreciated.”

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